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Our Mission Statement

Someday, fewer than 75% of ovarian cancer patients will discover their cancer before it reaches stage 3 or 4.

Someday, those patients will have a lower than 70% rate of recurrence, and higher than 30% rate of survival.

Someday, there will be fewer ovarian cancer patients because women will know that they are at risk for ovarian and other cancers before it develops.

Our mission is to make that “someday” today.

Teal It Up Foundation Founder

Janice Coggins is a cancer survivor, educator, spiritual leader, and author of Ovarian Cancer? You can Not be serious!

She is a retired social worker who passionately advocates for ovarian cancer awareness. Janice’s own journey with cancer keeps her motivated to finding funds and resources for women with ovarian cancer. Janice participates in Survivors Teaching Students (sharing her story with medical interns) a national program sponsored by Ovarian Cancer National Alliance.

She is the founder of the Teal It Up Foundation and she serves on the board of Sisters in Survival.

Ovarian Cancer book by Jan Coggins

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What are the Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer? Know the Facts …

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